We remember

Hero the Husky Pup


This poor little baby was obviously someone's Christmas present only to find himself abandoned in the shelter 3 days later. 

He was then about about 5 weeks old and should probably have still been with his mommy. He was dumped at a high kill Los Angeles County Shelter and was having seizures. 

We pulled this pup from the shelter, because Alley just could not leave the dog to die there without knowing any human compassion. Thus began Hero's story. This sweet baby needed vetting, blood-work, bile acid test to determine the cause of the seizures and they were becoming more frequent. Initial treatments revealed that Hero was also blind and the medications that were being administered appeared to no longer be working. It was feared that our little Hero was running out of options. 

Alley mobilized her Facebook community, no-one wanted to give up on this guy. Herculean fundraising efforts began, enough to continue treatments, then enough to get an MRI, all the while this 8 week old puppy gaining more and more support.The MRI news was depressing. Hero had a pocket of fluid on the brain which was causing his seizures and vision issues. 

We raised approximately  $11,000 dollars for his surgery, Hero deserved a chance, and we tried. 

Hero passed away at 5:51pm on Sunday Jan 29th 2012 after 5 hours on the operating table. He was given a private burial and brought home to the rescue.

Hero has become a symbol of dedication and community for a small group committed  to helping the sick, old and abandoned dogs that get dumped at shelters. 

We plan on having a special celebration, for what would have been his birthday, in 2013.

The Big Kahuna

How can we possibly leave a 12 year old senior Siberian Husky in Baldwin Park, we couldn’t. He hardly looked like a husky when we rescued him from the shelter. We took him to safety, vetted him and found him a loving foster family so that he could live out the rest of his life surrounded by people that cared for him. 

He enjoyed his last few months playing in the garden and eating hotdogs.

Thank you, once again, to the Kirby family for showing Kahuna love and safety in his final year.

Sundance Puppy

Sundance was an 8 week old husky puppy who was attacked by a pitbull and then left to die at the Baldwin Park shelter. One of the kind staff members contacted us and we took this little guy in. He had several puncture wounds, a fractured jaw and his throat was almost torn out. Even though the estimate for surgery was over $4000 the fundraising began, the chip-ins organized and paws and fingers were crossed.

Here is Alley’s blog post from 7 Dec, 2011...

“My new friends and old it is with tears in my eyes that I write this. Our baby Sundance passed away on the operating table at 10:31 pm tonight after a little over 4 hours in surgery and still a long way to go, his little body and heart was unable to handle the stress of the injuries and surgery, they worked at length to get his little heart beating again but were unsuccessful. The surgeons said his injuries were so severe even xrays did not show the extent and in 30 years they had never seen such a vicious attack. The Medical Director and surgeons expressed their sadness and also thanking all of us for trying so hard, I expressed to them the hundreds of family members who now love Sundance and the huge sadness we will all feel tonight. Thank you to everyone who helped pay for his surgery, for me and I hope all of you it was still worth every penny to give him a chance and I would do it all over again and will for Chinook and every injured Husky that comes to me. 

Much love and tears of sadness, Alley”

He was given a private burial and brought home to the rescue.

Bobble (aka Dino)

Dino was rescued from San Bernardino shelter where he had been dumped and scheduled to be euthanized on Feb 7th. He was a senior husky, blind in one eye, and it was apparent that one of his eyes would have to be removed. Alley pulled Dino from the shelter, and, with the support of the friends of the rescue, funds were raised, and Anna stepped up to foster and hospice this sweet old husky. 

Anna was doing a marvelous job caring and loving this old guy, showing him love and the compassion that had been lacking in his life, but during one of their trips to the vet it was discovered that Dino had come down with distemper and was dying. Anna held his paw as he passed away. Rest in peace Dino. 

Thank you Anna Blackwell, you were this husky’s angel.

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