Surrendering Your Husky Procedure

Do Not CALL us about surrendering your husky, you must follow these steps and there is no guarantee that we will be able to help. We receive 30+ requests a WEEK.

Please send an email to us providing ALL the answers to these questions and include with your email TWO good quality photographs of your pet

  • Why are you surrendering this dog?
  • How old is your dog and how long have you had him/her?
  • Is your Husky healthy, neutered/spayed and up to date on all vaccinations and Rabies shots?
  • Are you able to provide us with copies of your dog's veterinary history, vaccinations, and a Rabies certificate?
  • Is your dog micro-chipped?
  • Is your dog potty trained? 
  • Is your dog crate-trained? 
  • is your dog off-leash trained?
  • Is your dog aggressive to small dogs or cats.
  • Does your dog show aggression around food/treats/toys?
  • Are you willing to make a donation for the surrender of your Husky?
  • Are you able to continue caring for your Husky until a new home is found or a foster home becomes available? 

We do not tolerate excuses such as

“we are moving” 

“we now have a baby” 

“we don’t have the time for him” 

The dog that you are now trying to get rid of deserves YOUR every effort to keep him with you. Failing that, YOUR every effort to find him/her a safe and loving new home. Sometimes we are able to take them into rescue but usually we just do not have the space. We are here to offer advice and support so that your pet can stay in its home and oftentimes we are able to a courtesy post to help you re-home to a qualified adopter.


Southern California shelters have in excess of 300 unwanted huskies EVERY month. If there is any way that you can work through your issues with your pet then please give it your every effort. Be under no illusion that your abandoned husky will ever make it out a City/County animal shelter alive.

Please read this article before you walk your dog into a shelter and leave them there.

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