Flipper's story: From baby knees to little husky prince

Little Flippy (AKA Baby Knees) is another heartbreaking victim of backyard breeders who didn’t care about the health of the pups they were breeding, just about how much money they could sell them for!

This little guy was a “For Sale On Craigslist”, he was bought by a couple that could not afford to care for his needs and the degeneration in his back legs and knees got worse and worse. 

He was owner-surrendered to us on February 7th, we have had him examined by two different specialist so we can create a surgical plan for him. The little guy was only 6 months old and he needed corrective osteo block trochleoplasty, lateral capsular release with medial capsular imbrications to each femur and medial tibial tuberosity transposition to each proximal tibia. This is the complex way of saying that his back legs need total re-alignment but a full recovery is expected after all this surgical repair. His surgery was scheduled for March 12th 2013. 

The video above shows a brief summary of his journey

Flippy, post surgery learning how to share :)

Flippy, follow up xrays


Flip Adopted

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