Sweetie Finds Safety

Husky Puppy Sweetie in March 2014

We received an urgent call from Animal Control on 14 March 2014 about a 6 month old husky pup that had been confiscated from her owners. The pup had had half of her front leg hacked off, and she had an infection in the bone. We immediately agreed to take her and met Animal Control at our vet to begin pain medication and antibiotics.

Even though we see a lot of abuse cases, the state of this poor puppy’s leg was among the worse we had ever seen and there was no option but to amputate what was left. The surgery was scheduled for 19 March. (Warning* the next photo is graphic of her injury)

Sweetie's horrendous injury.

We never know the outcome of these animal cruelty prosecutions, the particulars of the case are withheld from us, all we can hope is that the savage person responsible for this horrendous act was severely punished.

Sweetie Checked in for surgery 19 March 2014

Considering the trauma that Sweetie has endured at the hands of humans, it truly is amazing that she is so trusting and loving as we check her into the vet for her surgery. 

We contacted the surgeon that operated on Flippy, as he specializes in this type of surgery and this little girl deserves the very best from this point on. Surgery is scheduled for 19 March 2014.

Sweetie 1 day after her amputation surgery

The surgery went well,and here she is comfortably recuperating at the ranch one day after her amputaion. Her spirit is strong and she tries to kiss our hands as we reach in to pet her or feed her…she is adorable, and so little.

We have a foster home lined up for her so that she can heal without all the other huskies bumping into her and playing with her. As soon as she is medically cleared by her surgeon we will start searching for the most perfect forever home for her.

Sweetie in the snow 2017

UPDATE WINTER 2017. Here she is looking the picture of health and happiness. The darkness of the cruelty she endured is long behind her  She was adopted by her foster mom in April 2014

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