Stop your dog eating poo

We were recently asked how to stop a young Siberian Husky from eating the poop of another dog. So we rounded up all the tips that we could think of and thought that it would make a good blog post.

Most dogs will eat cat poop any chance that they get...the ingredients in canned cat food combined with the fact that cats poop it out before it’s fully digested create the reason that dogs seek out the kitty litter.  It is not uncommon for dogs to eat feces, momma dogs will lick their puppies clean and puppies have a tendency to put everything in their little mouths. The other reasons that dogs eat poop are not really clear, but whatever the reason its a nasty habit.

Here are some steps on how to figure out why your dog is eating feces and how to stop it.

1. Clean up the poop from your yard on a regular basis; pick it up as soon as possible so your dog doesn't get the chance to eat it.

2. Make sure your husky is eating the proper amount of food recommended by your veterinarian. Feed your husky quality foods which contain enough nutrients for the size, age and activity level of your dog.

3. Consider using products that, when added to your pet's food, make your dog's feces taste bad to the poop-eater. Canned pumpkin tastes good in food to your dog but is repugnant in the poop. You can also try adding meat tenderizer, canned pineapple, pineapple juice or spinach. There are a couple of products on the market that you sprinkle onto the food of the pet that your dog is eating the poop of that may help, one of the main ingredients in these products is chili powder.

4. Pour hot sauce on the feces (Tabasco) so he will associate a negative taste and burn with eating the feces. Bitter Apple can be sprayed on the feces, which will repel your dog from eating it.

5. If boredom is the cause, have interesting toys around while you're not home. More exercise also helps to reduce boredom.

6. Pay attention while walking your dog and tug gently on the leash whenever he tries to gobble down any poop that he finds. Be sure to praise your dog for listening and obeying.

7. If your dog is eating cat poo, put the litter box in an area that he can't access. Litter box covers allow your cat to enter but prevent your husky from being able to get in to eat the feces.

You should avoid rubbing your dog's nose in it or yelling at your dog when he's eating poop. This may lead to your dog connecting punishment with just being near feces (rather than eating them), so he'll start to get sneaky and just gobble it down as quickly as he can. This reaction is due to fear, stress and anxiety. 

What are the risks for dogs eating their own poo?

it poses little danger to that dog. However, bacteria and parasites from that stool can be transmitted to humans and other animals though contact with that dog's mouth and saliva. If you are unable to keep your dog from eating its own feces, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you are in contact with your dog's mouth/saliva.

What are the risks for dogs eating the poop of another animal? 

When a dog eats the feces of another animal (especially another dog or a cat), he is at risk for ingesting the eggs of intestinal parasites and potentially harmful bacteria that can easily lead to illness. A dog that is known to eat the feces of other animals should have frequent fecal analysis by your veterinarian.

Hope these tips help, but they are not meant to be veterinary advice. Always check with your own vet for any behavior that causes concern.

(this information is not intended to be used as an alternative to medical advice. we are not vets.)

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