Emery Moon’s journey

Just a puppy with a leg snapped in half.

Emery Moon was saved from Moreno Valley Shelter. He was a scared 11 month old puppy that was in a lot of pain due to a bad break in his hind leg. He had no chance of being adopted out by the shelter due to the severity of his injury. People just do not want broken dogs or the expense that comes with them. He was a very unusual looking Siberian husky with dark, almond shaped eyes that made him look like a space alien. 

X-rays revealed that his leg was literally broken in half, the severity of the break can be seen in the photo on the left.  Our vet ascertained that this poor little Siberian husky boy had been suffering with this mangled leg and had been left this way for quite some time. 

Repairing such a severe break is always a complex process. Due to Emery’s young age, and the fact that he was still a growing boy, we had to seek a specialist orthopedic surgeon that could install a plate that would adjust as Emery Moon’s bones developed and grew.

We knew that the surgery was going to be expensive and we turned to our supporters and friends to raise the funds. $3000 later and some fancy hardware (see the ‘after’ photo) he was allowed to go home and recuperate with Alley at her home. 

After a two week recuperation period with Alley, little Emery Moon was healing beautifully and was happy and feisty. 

He was adopted and got to go home with his new parents who diligently continued his rehab and care, and they now have a happy and healthy boy.

We love you space alien eyes!

Emery-Moon April

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