Mamma Laska’s Journey

Senior girl. over-bred then dumped at shelter with huge mammary tumors.

Mamma Laska was dumped at Lake Elsinore on February 2nd, 2012. She was being overlooked by everyone, including other rescues because she was old, and needed a lot of medical help. She had been over-bred and had developed huge, painful mammary tumors. The Lorenz family came forward to adopt this girl. They drove a great distance, from Arizona, to pick her up from us. They told us that she was in great pain at times from the tumors and sometimes looks at them and cries, one vet said that the tumors couldn’t be removed, so they sought a second opinion.

On April 3rd Mamma Laska went into surgery. Here is Cindi’s post...

“Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Mamma Laska goes into surgery tomorrow at 0730 am, the surgery will take approximately 2-3 hours and we ask that you have her in your prayers tomorrow to make it through the surgery safely. We also wanted to thank ARA for bringing this sweet old gal into our lives. We will forever be in your debt. We can not wait until she is free of these painful tumors and can have a pain free life with her new fur brothers and sister. 

And please remember that she is definitely the product of back yard breeding and the insensitive and ignorant population out there that has no regard for these beautiful huskies. We have decided that April 3 will be her new birthday as this will be the beginning of her new, pain free, life. The vet has estimated her age as being between 11 and 12, but she is our new Baby. 

Alley,  from our family to yours, thank you so much, you are definitely an Angel in our Family”

She had over 200 combined staples and stitches in her abdomen and the surgeon had to work via 3 incisions. The staples have been removed and she has a bright future ahead. Mamma Laska just celebrated her 13th birthday and she still has a bright future ahead. This video shows just how fabulously this ole girl is doing.


On March 12 2014, on what would have marked Mama Laska's 3rd birthday with her forever family, she passed away. We believe she was around the big 15! Pretty amazing considering all she had endured. She will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts. Thank you Cindi and Monty for giving Mama an incredibly loving and happy final chapter to her life. Run free sweet angel.

Mama Laska's final resting place looks beautiful, Cindi and Monty smiled as they planted the flowers because they knew that Mama would have eaten them.

Mama's final resting place

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