Is a Siberian Husky right for you?

If you want a dog who

Is free-spirited & playful

Is athletic and loves the outdoors

Is usually good-natured with strangers

Is not a guard dog 

Is sociable with other dogs

Usually runs at full-speed away from you

A Siberian Husky may be right for you.

If you can’t deal with...

Vigorous exercise requirements

Massive destructiveness & howling when bored, left alone too much, or not exercised enough 

Escaping, in search of adventure

Strong instincts to chase & grab anything that runs, i.e. cats

Rowdiness & exuberant jumping, especially when young

Strong-willed with a mind of their own

Heavy shedding. Lots of heavy shedding 

AND cannot usually be trusted off leash as they tend to run away

A Siberian Husky may not be right for you.

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