Baby Knees' Transformation 

The video shows the incredible journey of healing for our little Baby K Flipper.

To recap his story he was bought via an ad in "PennySaver”, by a young couple that did not know how genetically broken he was and did not know about adopting from shelters!

He was then owner-surrendered to us on February 7th 2013 because his owners couldn't afford the medical care he needed.  We had him examined by two different specialists and a surgical plan was created for him.

He received corrective osteo block trochleoplasty, lateral capsular release with medial capsular imbrications to each femur and medial tibial tuberosity transposition to each proximal tibia. 

We must thank our surgeons, who gave us an incredible $15,000 discount, and the hundred or more donors that contributed to his medical costs. Without you all, we would not have been able to save this pup.

Thank you.

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