Snookums Tale

Snookums medical update

We saved Snookums from Downey animal shelter in February 2013, she had been hit by a car, suffered a broken leg and then left to die at the shelter when her owners dumped her there. She was only 7 months old.

She had a cracked radius and ulna, a bad break that needed plating and our ortho surgeons gave a rough estimate $2500.00 to $3200.00. With the help of our amazing supporters we got this little girl straight into surgery. It was hard work keeping the casts on this rambunctious little puppy, she shredded quite a few of them!  She is now ADOPTED, healed and LOVED in her furever home.

Snookums Feb 20th

Back at the vet for a cast change. Her leg is healing beautifully (February 20th 2013)

Trying to keep snookums casts dry

Trying to keep Snookums' casts dry so she can play in the snow.

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