Medical Successes

Jenna’s Journey

Jenna 1

We received a plea from Thousand Palms Animal Shelter, CA in November 2013. They had received a petite 1 year old female husky who had been confiscated from her owner, she was completely blind, with bulging eyeballs, caused, they believed, by some kind of trauma.

The video below shows her painful condition on the day we rescued her from the shelter. We knew that it was highly probable that we would have to remove both eyes and that the surgery would be expensive. We also knew that it would probably take a while for a suitable adopter to be found,  but we just could not say no. If we didn’t take her, then who would! 

We got her into surgery right away, we knew that she was in excruciating pain caused by the pressure in her eyeballs and we trusted that our supporters would be there for us to help with the vet bills. After surgery she was fostered by one of our Board Members and quickly proved that she was ready for a family of her own. 

She was resilient and plucky, showing no fear as she navigated her knew territory and she wanted to play. Play and cuddle. She was like a little shadow always wanting to be touched. She was just precious. After a few weeks of medical rest and rehab she was ready for her new life to begin. .

Jenna after surgery

A most amazing adopter was found and it gave us great joy when we received this video of her playing in her large garden. It is hard to believe that this dog is blind

Flipper's story: From baby knees to little husky prince

Little Flippy (AKA Baby Knees) is another heartbreaking victim of backyard breeders who didn’t care about the health of the pups they were breeding, just about how much money they could sell them for!

This little guy was a “For Sale On Craigslist”, he was bought by a couple that could not afford to care for his needs and the degeneration in his back legs and knees got worse and worse. 

He was owner-surrendered to us on February 7th, we have had him examined by two different specialist so we can create a surgical plan for him. The little guy was only 6 months old.

He needed corrective osteo block trochleoplasty, lateral capsular release with medial capsular imbrications to each femur and medial tibial tuberosity transposition to each proximal tibia. This is the complex way of saying that his back legs need total re-alignment but a full recovery is expected after all this surgical repair. His surgery was scheduled for March 12th 2013. 

The video above shows a brief summary of his journey

Flippy, post surgery learning how to share :)

Flippy, follow up xrays


Flip Adopted

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Snookums Tale

Snookums medical update

We saved Snookums from Downey animal shelter in February 2013, she had been hit by a car, suffered a broken leg and then left to die at the shelter when her owners dumped her there. She was only 7 months old.

She had a cracked radius and ulna, a bad break that needed plating and our ortho surgeons gave a rough estimate $2500.00 to $3200.00. With the help of our amazing supporters we got this little girl straight into surgery. It was hard work keeping the casts on this rambunctious little puppy, she shredded quite a few of them!  She is now ADOPTED, healed and LOVED in her furever home.

Snookums Feb 20th

Back at the vet for a cast change. Her leg is healing beautifully (February 20th 2013)

Trying to keep snookums casts dry

Trying to keep Snookums' casts dry so she can play in the snow.

Ayla the puppy

Ayla is one of Cinnamon's pups (who came into rescue pregnant). It was hard work keeping these little pups alive, they were born with respiratory infections and struggled every day. Look at her now, a picture of strength and health.

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Rose's Story

We rescued Rose from San Bernardino Shelter CA on  January 12th,  2013. She had been overlooked by everyone else because she had severe trauma to her left eye resulting in a bulging eyeball. (link to her shelter video).  She needed surgery immediately, our vet informed us that even though rose was behaving like a brave little husky the pain that she must be in with the build up of eye pressure must be excruciating. We quickly did a fundraiser to cover the anticipated $700 vet fees and scheduled the surgery for January 15th.

After surgery the vet informed us that Rose's eye was so badly damaged that it literally 'exploded' when they removed it and that they could not imagine the amount of pain that she had been in.

We are pleased to say that the surgery was a complete success, she has vision in her remaining eye, she has been adopted and has healed beautifully under the watchful and loving eyes of her new parents.

Eve: our last minute save on New Years Eve 2012

Eve road to health

Eve was covered in mange and left at Lancaster shelter. It was New Years Eve and no-one else was going to save her. It was New Years EVE! We had to do something so we paid to have transport pull her from the shelter and drive her the 70 miles to us. As you can imagine, that was expensive, but Eve was so worth it. She was one of the 'special huskies' that come to us occasionally. Sweet, loving and oh so funny...even after all the neglect that she had endured. Healthy, Loved and ADOPTED in March 2013.


Eve, the day she arrived January 1st 2013.

Little White Husky, Eve.

Phew, watching Alley work is exhausting. Eve January 25th 2013.

Rigley: Saved from Ventura Shelter

Rigley road to health

Just 5 months old and left at Ventura shelter. Another husky puppy that has broken bones and no owner came for him. Ventura County is a long way from our ranch so we arranged for a convoy of our supporters to do transport relay for us to get him here. Vetted, healed and ADOPTED March 2013

Rigley feb 21st

Hope's Story

Hope was left to die in the shelter. She had a broken pelvis and knee, and was very overweight. She lay on the shelter floor waiting for someone to come help her and take her home, but no one wants to adopt an injured, older dog so she was slated for euthanasia. 

The shelter called us and we went to pick her up and began caring for her injuries. It took us a few months to get her ready for adoption but as you can see from the photo, she is healthy and happy (and maybe still a bit tubby) with her new family.

Emery Moon’s journey

Just a puppy with a leg snapped in half.

Emery Moon was saved from Moreno Valley Shelter. He was a scared 11 month old puppy that was in a lot of pain due to a bad break in his hind leg. He had no chance of being adopted out by the shelter due to the severity of his injury. People just do not want broken dogs or the expense that comes with them. He was a very unusual looking Siberian husky with dark, almond shaped eyes that made him look like a space alien. 

X-rays revealed that his leg was literally broken in half, the severity of the break can be seen in the photo on the left.  Our vet ascertained that this poor little Siberian husky boy had been suffering with this mangled leg and had been left this way for quite some time. 

Repairing such a severe break is always a complex process. Due to Emery’s young age, and the fact that he was still a growing boy, we had to seek a specialist orthopedic surgeon that could install a plate that would adjust as Emery Moon’s bones developed and grew.

We knew that the surgery was going to be expensive and we turned to our supporters and friends to raise the funds. $3000 later and some fancy hardware (see the ‘after’ photo) he was allowed to go home and recuperate with Alley at her home. 

After a two week recuperation period with Alley, little Emery Moon was healing beautifully and was happy and feisty. 

He was adopted and got to go home with his new parents who diligently continued his rehab and care, and they now have a happy and healthy boy.

We love you space alien eyes!

Emery-Moon April

Raina's Journey

Raina xray

Over-bred and dumped at the shelter with a horrible break to her leg. 

Alley writes 

picked up our poor mistreated Raina for her surgery today, it was a long procedure and it was a success. She is resting comfortably at my home. For those wondering about Raina, she was pulled from Baldwin Park and it is truly heart breaking to see how such a beautiful girl has been so abused. Her leg was completely broken in two places. It actually bent in half. It had been left broken for at least a year. She has been bred over and over, she has been abused and neglected.  She also has a terrible skin infection that has not yet been identified. Despite all the pain and hurt she has gone through she's the sweetest and gentlest girl you could meet and just lights up when shown affection. 

Of course this husky rescue stepped up to save her when no-one else would. THIS is what rescue is about.. Vetted, Healed and Adopted in 2012.

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